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2014 Boomerang World Cup in Perth

The Boomerang Association of Australia is proposing that the 2014 Boomerang World Cup be held in Perth in April (one of the milder and dryer months). It would then be fourteen years since it was previously hosted in Australia, as Melbourne was the host in 2000. A decision on the location of the 2014 World Cup is scheduled to be made at the 2012 World Cup, to be held in São Paolo, Brazil.

The event would be hosted at Guildford Grammar, a private school in the eastern suburbs of Perth. The school has huge fields (only some shown on the map below!) and would offer accomodation and dining on site. Some indication of scale is provided below by some possible Aussie Round circles. A railway station and two bus routes immediately adjacent to the school provide easy access to shops, restaurants, and (twenty minutes away) the Perth CBD.

The World Cup would be organised by a committee of BAA and external members, headed by Leonie Metzakis, a chief judge at every World Cup since 2002.

Guildford Grammar map showing possible field locations

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